best volleyball shoes for women

The Best Volleyball Shoes for Women: A Comprehensive Guide On Choosing The Best Volleyball Shoes In 2024

Volleyball is an exciting and fast-paced sport that requires agility, quick reflexes, and explosive power. Having the right pair of volleyball shoes is crucial for performance and safety on the court. The shoes provide the traction, support, and protection needed to jump, run, and change direction quickly during a volleyball match.

This article reviews the top-rated volleyball shoes for women in 2023. I’ll recommend the best shoes from leading brands like Mizuno, Asics, Adidas, and Nike. I’ll cover what to look for in volleyball shoes and break down the key features of each recommended model. Read on to find the perfect volleyball shoes to elevate your game this season!

Our Top Recommendations

I have tried and tested all the above-listed volleyball shoes.

The Mizuno Wave Momentum is the top best volleyball shoe for women.

ASICs Upcourt 4 Women’s or Dame 7s are the best choices when it comes to low-priced as well as competent shoes.

Setters and outside hitters should try the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 Women’s and Nike Giannis Immoralities.

The Mizuno Wave Momentum Indoor Court Women’s or Dame 7s might be better for you if you’re a middle or opposite player.

If you’re unsure, go with the one that looks the coolest.

Ultimately, all the above mention shoes are on the list because they are extraordinary. Therefore, either one is fine.

Best Volleyball Shoes For Women 2024: Why Proper Volleyball Shoes Are Important

best volleyball shoes for women

Volleyball puts a lot of stress on your feet and legs. You are constantly jumping up for blocks and attacks, lunging and diving to dig balls, and sprinting to chase down shots. The repeated impact can take a toll on your feet, ankles, knees, and hips over time.

Wearing the right volleyball shoes provides essential cushioning to absorb shock. It also gives arch support and stability to prevent rolling an ankle or knee injury. Volleyball-specific shoes have a gum rubber outsole designed for excellent traction on indoor courts so you can stop and change direction quickly.

Basketball shoes and other athletic shoes just don’t provide the same level of support and multi-directional grip needed for volleyball movements. Investing in a good pair of volleyball shoes is well worth it for injury prevention, comfort, and enhancing performance.

Best Volleyball Shoes In 2024

Volleyball requires you to be on your feet for an extended period. Your feet are constantly on the ground, running back and forth while jumping up and down on the sand, sliding across the court, and striking out with your spikes into the other team members. So, not wearing good shoes even results in bad knee and ankle injuries.

Being an international volleyball player, I have tested some of the best volleyball shoe of 2024 and broken down their specifications, pros & cons, grip, comfort, and fit. I have mentioned how I tried them on the field and what they can do for your game.

S No.Shoe NamebrandRatings
1Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6Mizuno4.9
2Asics Gel Rocket 10Asics4.8
3Mizuno Wave Momentum 2Mizuno4.8
4Asics Sky Elite FF 2Asics4.7
5Adidas NovaflightAdidas4.6
6Nike Kyrie InfinityNike4.6
7Asics Gel Rocket 9Asics4.8

1. Best For Volleyball: Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6

The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 tops our list as the best volleyball shoe available today. Mizuno has engineered these shoes specifically for indoor volleyball performance.

71ZkopDy4JL. AC SX500

The Wave Lightning Z6 has excellent cushioning thanks to Mizuno’s signature Parallel Wave Plate in the midsole. This provides shock absorption and energy return for continuous jumping. The lightweight U4icX midsole foam also gives a responsive, low-to-the-ground feel for quick lateral movements.

The shoes provide a snug, supportive fit with an ankle collar and telco-mesh upper material that conform to your foot. The Dyna motion Fit system aligns the foot for ideal stability during jumps and hard landings.

For superior traction, Mizuno equipped the Z6 with their Premium Gum Rubber outsole in a multi-directional layout. Testers noted the “sticky grip” when changing directions and diving. The Z6 excels in cushioning, stability, and grip – everything you need in a volleyball shoe!

Key Features

  • Parallel Wave Plate for cushioning
  • U4icX lightweight midsole
  • Dynamotion Fit system for stability
  • Premium Gum Rubber outsole

2. Best Volleyball Shoe: Asics Gel Rocket 10

Asics is renowned for their Gel cushioning technology, which provides excellent shock absorption and comfort. The Gel Rocket 10 is designed for volleyball with a low-profile midsole and excellent court traction.

51BWpht2tgL. AC SY500

These shoes cushion intense impact with Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Technology cushions. The midsole is made of lightweight Solyte foam for responsiveness. Reviewers praise the “pillowy soft landings” from the plush cushioning.

A supportive exoskeletal heel counter and 2 layers of memory foam surround your foot for a secure fit. The AHAR Plus outsole rubber has a modified herringbone tread pattern with more surface area to stick to the floor.

Testers noted the Gel Rocket 10 has better traction than the 9 version while retaining the same exceptional cushioning. The excellent grip gives you confidence changing directions rapidly during a match.

Key Features:

  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel cushioning
  • Solyte midsole foam
  • Exoskeletal heel counter
  • AHAR Plus rubber outsole

3. Best Budget Shoe For Volleyball: Mizuno Wave Momentum 2

Another top-rated option from Mizuno, the Wave Momentum 2 is ideal for aggressive volleyball play. The Wave Plate provides soft cushioning while the Dynamotion Fit hugs your foot for agile lateral moves.

61MMRO3f70L. AC SX500

The full-length rubber outsole uses Mizuno’s D-Flex Groove tread pattern which is optimized for quick stops, lunges, and direction changes on court. Reviewers noted the “sensational traction” from the Momentum 2’s grippy outsole.

The molded EVA midsole has a low-to-the-ground profile for a responsive feel. The exterior heel counter locks down your foot over the midsole. Breathable air mesh comprises the upper.

Speed demons and aggressive players gravitate towards the Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 for the excellent lateral support and quick cuts it enables.

Key Features:

  • Mizuno Wave Plate cushioning
  • External heel counter for stability
  • Full-length rubber outsole
  • Dynamotion Fit

4. Best Asics Volleyball Shoe: Asics Sky Elite FF 2

Asics designed the Sky Elite FF 2 specifically for volleyball players needing lateral stability and explosive power.

51tMaeKGiQL. AC SY500

These shoes provide excellent cushioning and impact absorption with a full-length inner sockliner and discreet forefoot and rearfoot GEL units. The midsole is made of lightweight EVA for bounce and agility.

These shoes provide excellent cushioning and impact absorption with a full-length inner sockliner and discreet forefoot and rearfoot GEL units. The midsole is made of lightweight EVA for bounce and agility.

The Sky Elite FF 2 improves stability and support with extra material overlays along the sides called Lateral Shells. Your foot feels securely cradled and centered over the base.

Asics used their athletic-grade rubber outsole with their famous Herringbone tread pattern for stopping power. Testers noted the “court-gripping traction” from the outsole.

Overall, the Sky Elite FF 2 is ideal for middle blockers and outside hitters needing sturdy lateral support for quick footwork and jumping.

Key Features:

  • Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning units
  • Lateral Shell technology for stability
  • Herringbone tread pattern outsole
  • Polyurethane sockliner

5. Best Adidas Volleyball Shoe: adidas Women’s Novaflight Volleyball Sneaker

Adidas designs shoes specifically tailored for volleyball, including their popular Stabil series. The Adidas Novaflight Volleyball Sneaker has excellent cushioning along with lateral support.

515ba 4snBL. AC SY500

These shoes wrap your foot in comfort with a breathable air mesh upper lined with suede overlays for durability. The EVA midsole and TPU heel piece stabilize landings and aid safety.

Boost midsole cushioning provides responsive comfort and energy return with each step. Supportive Torsion bars guide your foot through quick cuts and direction changes.

The non-marking gum rubber outsole uses a unique triangle-shaped tread for optimal grip when lunging or pivoting. Testers praised the “superb floor traction” from the Novaflight outsole.

Adidas packed these volleyball shoes with cushioning and lateral support technologies to help you play at your best. The Stabil series continues to be a top choice of competitive players.

Key Features:

  • Boost responsive cushioning
  • Torsion System for support
  • Air mesh upper with suede overlays
  • Triangle-shaped gum rubber outsole

6. Best Volleyball Shoe 2024: Nike Kyrie Infinity

Nike volleyball shoes like the Kyrie Infinity provide the latest shoe technologies adapted for the demands of the sport.

71qwkH BiSL. AC SY500

Nike React cushioning in the Kyrie Infinity midsole gives responsive comfort that lasts. A padded tongue and collar surround your ankle for a secure fit. The mesh upper includes synthetic leather overlays in high wear areas for added durability.

A zoom air unit in the forefoot pairs with the React foam to soften harsh landings from repetitive jumping. The wide footprint and multi-directional tread of the rubber outsole enhance stability for quick lateral moves.

Reviewers noted the excellent traction and support from the Kyrie Infinity, making them ideal for hitters and defensive players. Nike applied their basketball innovations to engineer one of the best volleyball shoes available.

Key Features:

  • Nike React responsive cushioning
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Mesh upper with synthetic overlays
  • Zoom Air unit forefoot cushioning
  • Wide rubber outsole with multi-directional traction

7. Overall Best Shoe For Volleyball: Asics Gel Rocket 9

The Asics Gel Rocket 9 remains one of the top choices for club and high school players on a budget. These affordable volleyball shoes still pack premium technologies.

Asics Gel-Rocket 9 Women’s - Best Volleyball Shoes

They are sturdy, but I have not noticed any special supports, yet the bottoms of my shoe feel supported. Cushier, like some fashion-oriented brands, makes for a better movement. They are super grippy in the court. I can change directions, stop and move quickly on the court.

Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel cushioning units absorb shock effectively. Lightweight foam comprises the midsole. The Trusstic System technology provides torsional rigidity for stability during lateral movements.

The NC Rubber outsole utilizes a modified herringbone tread pattern to deliver traction on indoor court floors. An external heel counter and padded tongue and collar support your foot.

For the price, the Gel Rocket 9 offers excellent cushioning and floor grip. It’s a great choice if you want a high-performing volleyball shoe on a budget.

Key Features:

  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning units
  • External heel counter for stability
  • NC Rubber Outsole with herringbone tread
  • Trusstic System technology

What is Right Volleyball Shoe For You?

Choosing the best volleyball shoes comes down to finding the right fit and features for your playing style, foot type, and position on the court.


Look for lightweight shoes with excellent lateral stability like the Asics Sky Elite FF 2 or Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 lightweight shoe is perfect for volleyball. You need quick side-to-side mobility and comfort for long matches

Outside & Middle Hitters

Prioritize cushioning and traction like the well-rounded Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 or Asics Gel Rocket 10  these shoes are designed specially for Middle hitters or outside hitters. The plyometric jumping requires shock absorption while the quick footwork relies on grip.

Libero/Defensive Specialists

The Nike Kyrie Infinity provides excellent support during those dive saves and rapid direction changes which is best for liberos. Traction and lateral stability are vital to chasing down balls.


Blocking needs explosive vertical leaping along with quick side-to-side footwork. The Asics Sky Elite FF 2 supplies stability and cushioning to excel at the net.

Make sure to try on shoes to get an ideal snug fit. Consider your arch type and use supportive insoles if needed. Break shoes in before heavy use to maximize comfort.

What are the essential features to look for in a volleyball shoe?

When purchasing a pair of volleyball shoes, knowing which ones to choose can be difficult. By giving you a list of things to look for in good volleyball shoes, we will help you narrow down your options.

Grip & Traction

Volleyball is played on different surfaces, and you need a shoe with good traction to prevent slipping and sliding. Shoes with a good rubber sole provide excellent traction, and it is even better to go with rubber gum soles. Rubber gum soles give more grip on the court.

The quality of traction also depends on the maintenance of the court. Shoes with good grip and traction are beneficial on dusty courts. Among the twelve mentioned shoes, the Asics Gel Rocket 9 and Asics Upcourt 4 are the best in terms of traction. The React Hyperset or Dame 7s are the best options for playing primarily on outdoor courts.


Volleyball shoes must fit snugly on your feet without being too tight. However, you want to be able to move freely in them. The sizing of volleyball shoes can vary, so I recommend trying them on for the best fit. Online reviews can also tell whether they fit true to size or run larger or smaller.


Women’s shoes typically weigh 9-11 ounces, while men’s shoes weigh 11-15 ounces. Lightweight shoes are usually made from synthetic materials or mesh. If a shoe feels lighter, you can move faster and jump higher.

However, the shoe’s flexibility and agility are more important than weight. Shoes such as the Mizuno Wave Momentum and the React Hyperset allow for quick and precise movements, making them ideal for liberos.


The right cushioning can significantly improve your performance. Shoes with great cushioning should be required in the areas such as the forefoot, heel, and midsole for maximum comfort. If you want to purchase the best volleyball shoe, look for ones with foam cushioning. The EVA foam material provides flexibility and softness.


Stability is the key to avoiding rolling your foot or injuring your ankle. Look for shoes that support quick side-to-side movements along with forward and back. Shoes with a wider outsole add lateral stability, and flexible material allows rapid foot movement.


Keeping your feet cool while playing is essential. So you want shoes made of synthetic, thin, and light materials. For example, mesh is a trendy material that keeps volleyball shoes breathable allowing air to move freely.


A good pair of volleyball shoes should last at least one season when a volleyball player practices or plays 4-5 times per week. However, playing volleyball casually should extend the shoes’ lifespan by a year.

It is more expensive to buy higher quality, tougher knits, but they are more durable and stand up to wear and tear during play. Ensure the shoes you buy have leather or synthetic uppers and long-lasting outsoles.


Ankle Support

Volleyball involves a lot of jumping and lateral movements, making ankle support an essential factor. However, the level of support required can vary based on the position. For example, defensive specialists with reasonable body coordination may prefer lighter and more flexible shoes for increased court agility, while hitters and blockers should prioritize ankle support.

Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is essential for outside hitters, middle blockers, and opposites who jump a lot. Shoes that absorb shock effectively are crucial to prevent joint damage from frequent landings. Basketball shoes are often recommended for volleyball players due to their design for handling landing.

Arch Support

Volleyball shoes that provide good support can help reduce the risk of injury and improve comfort. First, make sure your shoes have sturdy arch support. Choosing a supportive arch will improve comfort, balance, and shock absorption.

Design & Style

The appearance of your shoes can impact your confidence on the court. Wearing a new and stylish pair of shoes can make you feel more powerful and explosive, whereas old and worn shoes can have the opposite effect. Choose a shoe that you not only like the way it feels but also the way it looks, as this can positively impact your performance.

Takeaways for Choosing the Best Volleyball Shoes

  • Prioritize cushioning, traction, and ankle support when shopping
  • Try shoes on and test side-to-side stability
  • Select shoes suited for your position and style of play
  • Break shoes in properly to maximize comfort and fitshoes once the outsole tread gets worn down

The right volleyball shoes empower you to play your best by enhancing comfort, grip, and quickness on the court. I hope these reviews and tips help you find the top volleyball shoes to meet your needs in 2023! Let me know if you have any other questions.

What is the best brand for volleyball shoes?

What shoes should I wear for volleyball?

Why do girls wear basketball shoes for volleyball?

Are running shoes OK for volleyball?

How do I choose a good volleyball?

Do volleyball shoes make you jump higher?

Why do people wear volleyball shoes?

Why do you need special shoes for volleyball?

The best brands for volleyball shoes are Asics, Mizuno, and Adidas. These offer excellent traction, ankle support, and cushioning for the sport’s lateral movements.

You should wear shoes specifically designed for volleyball. They have gum rubber soles for grip on indoor courts, reinforced toe boxes, and ankle protection. Basketball shoes lack the traction needed.

Girls wear basketball shoes for volleyball because they offer similar support and grip needed for the court movements in volleyball.

Running shoes are not ideal for volleyball as they lack the necessary lateral support and grip for court movements.

To choose a good volleyball, look for one that is the official size and weight for your level of play and has a durable, responsive outer material.

Volleyball shoes do not inherently make you jump higher, but they are designed to provide better traction and cushioning, which can enhance your jumping ability.

People wear volleyball shoes for the specialized support, stability, and grip they offer during the quick and lateral movements of the game.

Special shoes for volleyball are needed for the enhanced grip, support, and shock absorption they provide, reducing injury risk and improving performance on the court.

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