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The 12 Best Volleyball Shoes for 2024 (Tested by Professionals)

Volleyball shoes are a staple of all volleyball athletes. Whether they are hitters, setters, liberos, or playing as a defense. Choosing a pair of best volleyball shoes according to your position helps you with your game.

What are the best shoes for volleyball?

Volleyball requires you to be on your feet for an extended period. Your feet are constantly on the ground, running back and forth while jumping up and down on the sand, sliding across the court, and striking out with your spikes into the other team members. So, not wearing good shoes even results in bad knee and ankle injuries.

Being an international volleyball player, I have tested some of the best volleyball shoe of 2024 and broken down their specifications, pros & cons, grip, comfort, and fit. I have mentioned how I tried them on the field and what they can do for your game.

Our Top Recommendations

I have tried and tested all the above-listed volleyball shoes.

The ASICs Gel Rocket 9 is the best option for men regarding the complete package.

Moreover, Mizuno Wave Momentum is the top best volleyball shoe for women.

ASICs Upcourt 4 Women’s or Dame 7s are the best choices when it comes to low-priced as well as competent shoes.

Setters and outside hitters should try the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 Women’s and Nike Giannis Immoralities.

The Mizuno Wave Momentum Indoor Court Women’s or Dame 7s might be better for you if you’re a middle or opposite player.

If you’re unsure, go with the one that looks the coolest.

Ultimately, all the above mention shoes are on the list because they are extraordinary. Therefore, either one is fine.

Best Volleyball Shoes for Men 

S No.Shoe NameBrandRatings
1. Wave MomentumMizuno4.8
2. Puma MB.01Puma4.6
3. KD 14Nike4.9
4. Gel Rocket 9Asics4.7
Mizuno Wave Momentum Men's - Best Volleyball Shoes

I have always been a Mizuno fan since I started getting serious about volleyball. I splurged a bit with the Wave Momentums, and it has been worth it so far. If you want to up your game by 1000%, these are the shoes you want. 

It’s a perfect shoe for indoor sports.

Their unique wave design helps keep your feet stable and comfortable. I love how these shoes lace up, and the foot sinks into the membrane, which allows stability.

The material is stretchy, so it fits your foot. But they are too thin, so you may need to change your size. However, I have big narrow feet, and they fit well. 

Furthermore, they have unique rubber on the bottom to help you move around the court quickly and protection on the toes to keep them safe.

I tested these shoes, and they have an excellent grip on the court. They don’t hurt my feet when jumping or spiking and feel soft at the bottom after jumping. I can accelerate faster and jump slightly higher.

It supports the feet and ankles nicely. It stretches around the ankle as its inside is squishy and bouncy. They are a great fitting shoe, even for wide feet. However, I wish they were higher by the ankle, but they give you more height on your vertical.

The support in these is better than in Adidas high tops.

These shoes have extra cushioning around the ball of the foot, which is good for hitters who jump a lot. They are comfortable and will enable me to hit the best I can.

Great fit, especially for the opposite hitter and outside hitter.

In summary, after wearing them for a few matches, they feel very fitted and comfortable. Whether tournament or league play, these shoes have delivered all-day, lightweight comfort and aggressive traction when needed.

What I Love

  • Great ankle and arch support
  • Super lightweight and gives a lot of bounce
  • Prevent damage to feet
  • Tremendous traction and superb on the court

Take Note

  • For high arches, not as an absorbent for landing on the arches without insoles. 
  • A bit on the expensive side.
Puma MB.01 Men’s - Best Volleyball Shoes

They are super lightweight as their midsole is made of Puma’s Nitro foam, providing a bouncy feel while protecting your feet from hard landings.

These are the best volleyball shoes for Outside Hitters.

The Puma MB.01 are among the best sneakers and have become my go-to. The shoe is available in various colors, so you can select the one that fits your style.

The Puma shoes are one of the most comfortable volleyball shoes out there. It is a great shoe Melo made with a lot of padding and comfortable material. In addition, MB. 01’s upper consists of soft, plush material that makes it breathable and comfortable.  

A smooth rubber outsole grips the court aggressively, providing excellent traction and feeling insane on the court. The cushion provides ample support for my feet, and the track confidently will hold. 

While testing this product, I found this shoe sturdy! My ankle hasn’t ever felt more secure. It’s a snug yet comfortable fit and gets better once broken. 

One of the downsides of the Puma MB.01 is that the translucent rubber on the outsole might need to give more grip on dusty and plastic volleyball courts. However, using a wipe before playing will solve this problem.

Overall, the Puma MB.01 is an excellent choice for volleyball players, providing the perfect balance of performance, support, and comfort. 

What I Love

  • This shoe is ideal for a guard with excellent traction.
  • Wide-foot friendly.

Take Note

  • Footwear needs extra padding to avoid tearing.
Nike KD 14 Men's - Best Volleyball Shoes

I found Nike KD 14 a reliable option for volleyball players looking for a shoe with good traction and cushioning. However, it may provide a different level of grip and support than some players may need. The shoes are on the heavier side. Furthermore, it may not be suitable for players with wider feet.

The Nike KD 14 shoes are among the best volleyball shoe of all time in the Nike lineup. Its top-tier traction on the court enables me to jump confidently and make quick movements.

During long games, the Zoom Air unit in the heel provides responsive cushioning. In addition, the shoe offers unbelievable comfort because of its full-length Zoom Strobel and breathable upper mesh.

The leather uppers and synthetic provide less breathability than usual. Furthermore, the solid rubber outsole is less flexible.

I found these shoes suitable for both indoor and outdoor games.

My foot felt comfortable during play because of the padded collar and cushioned insole, and I could move freely on the court.

The shoes have excellent grip and supportive ankle area. However, they offer less grip on the vertical surface of the volleyball court.

The shock absorption keeps your heels safe from previous ankle injuries as well. I recommend these, but I might stick with my Kyries or Greek Freaks as a shifty guard.

The shoe is stiff and suitable for Post ups or 3-point shooters who only shift slightly, as it gives little support for moving left and right. 

What I Love

  • They are super comfortable and have good traction.
  • Suitable for Post ups or 3-point shooters.

Take Note

  • It’s heavier than usual.
  • For some players, it offers low support and grip.
ASICS Gel-Rocket 9 Men’s - Best Volleyball Shoes

It’s an excellent shoe for the price. Also, the shoe is not a Spiker’s shoe, Asics markets this shoe as all-around, but it’s much more powerful and centered around defensive players and setters.

When it comes to comfortable, durable volleyball shoes, the Asics Gel-Rocket 9 doesn’t disappoint. The Gel heel cup effectively reduces impact from jumping and lateral movement.

I have also tested these shoes on an outdoor surface. Although they are technically indoor court shoes, they work well outdoors.

Compared to my Mizuno and Adidas, I felt a lack of cushion in this shoe. However, great cushioning for hitters who land hard and repeatedly. These shoes have way more shock absorption than other shoes.

Fit-wise, this shoe runs large by 1/4 to 1/2 size, depending on how narrow your feet are. The toe box is roomy without being so vast that it allows the foot to slide back and forth. It fits well if you have wide feet.

This lightweight shoe provides good lateral support, even for more significant players. Excellent mobility. I feel faster in this shoe and can make quick turns when needed.

These gum-soled ones have excellent grip and are secured well. The insoles of this shoe are the thickest of all insoles I have ever seen, and for the first time, my super feet insoles are thinner than these insoles. The outsole is also tremendous and unbelievable in how it grips the floor.

If you are a competitive player, you should have used other supplemental stuff like custom insoles and ankle braces to make this work.

One can wear this Volleyball shoe as a tennis shoe.

If you’re a spiker, I recommend Asics Sky Elite FF as it’s specifically marketed towards spikers and is vastly better to this shoe, especially in jumping and landing.

What I Love

  • Excellent shoe for the price. 
  • Space for custom orthotics and active ankle braces.

Take Note

  • Cushion
  • It runs a little narrow

Best Volleyball Shoes for Women

S No.Shoe NameBrandRatings
1Gel-Rocket 9Asics4.8
2Wave Lightning Z6Mizuno4.6
3React HypersetNike4.5
4Wave MomentumMizuno4.4
5Upcourt 4Asics4.5
Asics Gel-Rocket 9 Women’s - Best Volleyball Shoes

They are sturdy, but I have not noticed any special supports, yet the bottoms of my shoe feel supported. Cushier, like some fashion-oriented brands, makes for a better movement. They are super grippy in the court. I can change directions, stop and move quickly on the court.

Asics Gel-Rocket 9 is the best volleyball shoe at a great price point. They are comfortable and durable. They stay clean even when I play outdoors. I like that the rubber sole goes over the edge of the shoes. 

The sole bottom material is solid and durable, but the sides of the shoes and the shoelace holes tear fast as they are not thick enough. 

I like the embedded ASICS signature lines on one side, but the inner side of the shoe is painted on and will no doubt get marked very quickly. Also, the toe is a bit larger than expected. 

The padding on the sole should be more shock-absorbing if you are a jumper. But if you are a setter, it’s great. The shoes have excellent traction on the court and help keep my heels and ankles supported as a setter.

They are super grippy in the court. I can change directions, stop and move quickly on the court.

It is very breathable. It doesn’t feel too tight at all and is super lightweight. My feet felt so good wearing these sneakers. They keep my feet rigid when I play. 

A little narrow in the forefoot area but able to easily break in. I recommend going up half a size for those who wear ankle braces as a blocker. Great for those who have wider feet and need a larger toe box. 

This shoe is not for anyone who likes a shoe that fits around their anklebone.

What I Love

  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Sticky tread.

Take Note

  • A little narrow.
  • It needs Extra Cushioning.
Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 Women’s - Best Volleyball Shoes

They are wonderfully light and have a lot of breathable areas, especially toward the front. The shoe has a great arch but might be uncomfortable initially for someone with a high arch. Ovrall, it is an excellent choice for volleyball players, especially defense and offense players. 

A pair of one of the best volleyball shoe called “Wave Lightning” is explicitly designed for volleyball players. They are very well-made, and the stitching is precise and intact. The soul has a lot of cushioning, and the leather uppers are smooth and comfortable.

They help stabilize the foot, which is essential for those with weak ligaments in their ankles or who have bad ankles. The broad sole and stiffness around the heel support your foot and would not easily roll even if I quickly moved side to side. 

Insoles could be better, but we can always change those out.

These are the best volleyball shoes for Liberos and Defensive Specialists. Defense with these shoes provides excellent support to help the height of your jump while being very lightweight and not weighing you down. 

These fit me as expected; no breaking-in required. However, for those who wear ankle braces, they go up half a size. The shoe is more suitable for people with narrower feet, though. 

They are very soft to play with and have the perfect width, but the tongue is uncomfortable. The tongue is a sharp synthetic material that cuts into the front ankle area.

On the positive side, they have excellent traction and add a little bounce. Protect my legs from the shock of jumping.

What I Love

  • Breathable and lightweight shoe.
  • Awesome support.
  • True to size.

Take Note

  • The tongue is too long and sharp; I can’t wear ankle socks with these.
Nike React Hyperset Women’s - Best Volleyball Shoes

This pair of shoes have extra support and stability in the arch. However, the sensation is like wearing a brace only around the middle of the foot, not around the toes, heels, or ankles. These shoes are excellent quality and perfect for volleyball Players, except for DS.

These Nike React volleyball court shoes are super soft and comfortable for jumping.

You float, they have spectacular cushioning, and they provide excellent grip. These shoes fit my feet perfectly; I didn’t have to break them in. 

I recommend wearing half a size larger for better comfort.

The boots have a lot of padding on the inside, making them heavier than lightweight shoes.

For Defensive Specialists who need to be able to move quickly across the court, these shoes slow them down. 

It has the same midsole as hyperdunk 2017. As a result, wearing these shoes feels like the shoes are the extension of your feet.

They are my backup pair to Adidas, which had a wider base, but these were a close second.

What I Love

  • Amazing Cushioning.
  • True to size.

Take Note

  • These shoes are on the heavier side.
Mizuno Wave Momentum Indoor Court Women’s - Best Volleyball Shoes

As a setter, I appreciate that the soles still have traction to respond to direction changes. The shock absorption is excellent, and the boot feel of the shoe is different, but they are super comfortable. They have better cushions than the other Waves.

I have been using Mizuno for years now since they are a descent volleyball shoemaker. The Mizuno Wave Momentum is by far the lightest and best-fitting shoe I’ve owned from them. 

I recommend going up a size with ankle braces. They slipped under the cushioned insert (sole of the shoe), and the sides have enough flex to accommodate the brace.

Grips on the shoes are excellent while handling the court, even when playing on a dusty court. In addition, the shoe provides aid in reacting to the ball faster. But the outer sole is not as grippy on the court as the typical light brown court sole.

They stick to the floor without being sticky due to their bottom construction.

I love how they fit around the ankle and base of the foot. It protects your ankle without limiting movement.

The elite Asics’ soles have a little burst compared to the old Mizuno, so they are more strong and durable than the old lighting. However, the shoes have to breathe through the sole. Therefore, I recommend changing the insole and inserting one in Gel. 

I love that the tongue is integrated and stretchy around the shoe’s opening.

These shoes work great for wide and narrow feet.

Suitable for jumping, blocking, hitting, and moving quickly. Even after a jump shot, the landing feels excellent.

These shoes work excellent for Setter, Middle, Opposite Hitter, and Opposite.

Overall, these are the best volleyball shoe in terms of price. The only thing I didn’t like is the white section near the base of the heel has gotten quite dirty, and you can’t precisely wipe off the dust because it’s a foamy material.

What I Love

  • Great ankle support
  • Super lightweight and tremendous cushioning
  • Provide excellent traction and super good on the court

Take Note

  •  A white section near the base gets dirty and cannot wipe off as it’s a foamy material
ASICS Upcourt 4 Women’s - Best Volleyball Shoes

Provide solid traction in a lightweight shoe. As a result, I have much more support with foot placement, and my ankles feel more supported. It provides you with a suitable surface grip and support. However, they need more cushion and arch support. 

Asics Upcourt 4 shoes are great for indoor courts. It fits me well; the front of the boots has enough room for my toes. They are very comfortable, even without the arch support, and give me an impeccable grip on the court.

I don’t fear ankle injury because these shoes give me the support and grip I need. These shoes kept me steady and balanced and worked well for that quick side-to-side motion.

These shoes work great against foot issues with heel cup inserts, though. The one thing I don’t like is that the tongue never stays centered. Instead, it constantly slips to the side, no matter how tight I tie the laces, which is annoying but not terrible. 

You might have a chance to fall if your court surface is dirty. So wipe the bottom of the shoes to make them more grippy.

They have been supportive, with little to no break-in period necessary. But the sole don’t last long; after a few months, it lost tread in the heel and ball areas. However, these shoes have better quality than its newer version, ‘ASICS Gel Futherup.’

The insert is not removable, so I can’t replace the insert with my orthopedic insert but otherwise a great fit. Unfortunately, the shoestrings are a little short.

Overall it was GREAT shoes, and I played so much better wearing them.

What I Love

  • Solid traction in a lightweight shoe
  • Provide more support with foot placement
  • Not narrow
  • Excellent quality for the price

Take Note

  • Very little arch support
  • Not for outdoor court

Best Unisex Volleyball Shoes

S No.Shoe NameBrandRatings
1. Giannis ImmortalityNike4.8
2. D.O.N Issue 3Adidas4.2
3. Dame 7 ExtplyAdidas4.4
Nike Giannis Immortality Men’s - Best Volleyball Shoes

Nike Giannis Immortality shoes work for those who used to get impact pain in their feet, ankles, and knees when running, jumping, or playing volleyball. For example, I felt no impact on my joints when jumping, as they have a ton of cushion and extra protection.

The Nike Giannis Immortality men’s shoes are comfortable yet stylish because of their futuristic design and colors. However, the best thing about them is their mesh structure.

In addition, Nike Immortality is super lightweight, with an adorable low-cut volleyball shoe at a great price. That’s why they worked best for the backcourt.

These shoes are narrow for wide feet but slightly wider at the toe. You might consider going up half a size if you have wide feet. The ankle support is impressive as well. However, these are not suitable for those with weak ankles.

On top of the width factor, these are supportive enough. So, anyone can wear them all day, even those with pretty high arches. The shoes are well-made to support flat feet as well. They are easy to move up and down the court.

They are easy to keep clean. The top part isn’t leather; it is like a netting or knit material, so it breathes well and doesn’t get scuffed. They are all made of a mesh-like material at the front, which flexes and gives lots of comfy wiggle room.

I tested these shoes on indoor and outdoor courts to analyze their performance. I played for a few hours and felt I had good mobility, proper support, and excellent traction. 

The outsole was great for outdoor courts. They were still good indoor shoes, but I didn’t notice any explicitly fantastic traction. Though, I am pleased with the fit and tack on the soles.

What I Love

  • Great shoes for a reasonable price and cost less than $90.
  • Super lightweight makes you feel highly connected to the court.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Suitable for setter players because of its low cut.

Take Note

  • Not suitable for heavy spiking as they have average cushioning.
  • Fabric is not sustainable.
  • Tend to rip up quickly.

Overall, Giannis Immortality is a great budget shoe for setters and liberos who like a super responsive, low-to-the-ground feeling shoe. Their traction is top tier, but the cushion setup is average adequate for small to medium players.

Adidas Unisex-Adult D.O.N Issue 3 - Best Volleyball Shoes

These D.O.N Issue 3’s are unique volleyball shoes, although the grip could be better. But overall, I suggest these shoes if you want something cheaper than other volleyball shoes. In addition, the shoes are excellent for indoors. I love the design of this shoe as compared to the previous models.

The Adidas Unisex-Adult D.O.N Issue 3 sneakers are great for a volleyball game. They are comfortable and stylish.

The cushioning is the best I have worn. It cushions everywhere except the bottom of your foot, which results in feet ached after playing outdoors for over an hour.

The grip on the floor, whether it is a clean floor or with a bit of dust, is extraordinary. I can do all kinds of jumps and brakes without fear of slipping. My entire foot feels protected without being tight.

I have a slight bunion forming on my right foot, but this shoe is wide enough to let me play volleyball without pain. Also best for people with larger feet. 

The shoes look bigger from the outside, but the inside is the right fit for me. Its fit is comfortable to the contours of the feet. The boots were initially stiff but very comfortable and stable once they broke in.

These shoes give your toes ample room. The middle is tight, but besides that, I love it. 

On the negative side, the insoles are the thinnest piece of foam, and the shoe’s sole is indestructible. The soles don’t slide on slick courts. The issue for me as a middle player is that the soles are flat. As a result, my quickness significantly decreased as I could not play on the tip toe So, I had to buy inserts with these shoes.

On top of that, the sole tread lasted about two months, playing outside four times a week. The soles remain intact, with minimal tread on the main contact areas. 

What I Love

  • Pretty reasonable on the price front
  • Accurate sizing fit for wide feet.
  • They are not too chunky. 
  • Cushioning is extraordinary.

Take Note

  • Need inserts for comfort.
Adidas Unisex-Adult Dame 7 Extply - Best Volleyball Shoes

This is an excellent shoe at the price point. Moving on to the aesthetics, I love how this shoe looks, providing a lot of support and cushioning. The width and Lightstrike cushioning become more comfortable after a few sessions. Overall I am pleased with the performance and quality of the shoe.

The adidas dame 7 is very budget friendly with excellent outdoor playability. I have tried playing on an outdoor court; the traction and cushion feel good. 

The traction pattern around the perimeter of the outsole is all worn down. But the good thing is that the middle of the outsole is not all worn down, which is incredible. So, durability is suitable for an outdoor court.

Moving on to the cushioning setup, we got a full-length light strike in the shoe, which is insane.

I like the material choice on the lateral and medial sides; that makes the material super rigid and supportive. Unfortunately, the tongue is oversized; there is barely some padding. In the ankle area, we have a cluster of Achilles pillows that helps lockdown, and it feels nice on the anklebone.

Quality-wise, it could be better, but it gets the job done on foot and feels good on foot.

The craziest thing is that it doesn’t feel as heavy as it actually weighs. 

You might feel slightly slow because the cushion is soft at the heel. So, I would not recommend these to setters and liberos.

It fits perfectly for those who have wide feet.

My foot didn’t feel super hot in it, I wouldn’t say it’s the best for ventilation, but it wasn’t that bad for me.

They have just enough space for ankle braces. I feel discomfort around the bridge of the shoe.

After the increased play, the lack of grip resulted in some slipping. However, the translucent bottom looks nice but doesn’t provide the same grip.

What I Love

  • Lightstrike cushioning
  • Traction is excellent on a court
  • Great ankle support

Take Note

  • Not-so-exceptional material
  • Little clunky, so not suitable for setters and liberos

What is the best place to buy volleyball shoes?

In my opinion, Amazon is the most reliable place to buy volleyball shoes. Why do I prefer Amazon? Because it has a huge volleyball shoe collection in one place with opp discounts and offers. The great thing is that it has all kinds of brands, which are available in various designs.

What Makes Volleyball Shoes Different?

Volleyball shoes are different from other sports shoes in many ways. These specially designed footwear help players perform better while playing volleyball by providing cushioning and support where they need it most.

Volleyball Shoes are Unique in Their Design

Volleyball shoes absorb the ball’s impact when it hits your foot. These are different from running shoes, designed to give you maximum cushioning.

Volleyball shoes are lightweight and comfortable as you must wear them for long periods. If they’re heavy, they’ll tire your legs after just a few minutes!

Volleyball shoes should fit well. Obviously, you don’t want to buy something that feels uneasy when you first put them on or makes you slip in the middle of an intense game!

What are the essential features to look for in a volleyball shoe?

When purchasing a pair of volleyball shoes, knowing which ones to choose can be difficult. By giving you a list of things to look for in good volleyball shoes, we will help you narrow down your options.

Grip & Traction

Volleyball is played on different surfaces, and you need a shoe with good traction to prevent slipping and sliding. Shoes with a good rubber sole provide excellent traction, and it is even better to go with rubber gum soles. Rubber gum soles give more grip on the court.

The quality of traction also depends on the maintenance of the court. Shoes with good grip and traction are beneficial on dusty courts. Among the twelve mentioned shoes, the Asics Gel Rocket 9 and Asics Upcourt 4 are the best in terms of traction. The React Hyperset or Dame 7s are the best options for playing primarily on outdoor courts.


Volleyball shoes must fit snugly on your feet without being too tight. However, you want to be able to move freely in them. The sizing of volleyball shoes can vary, so I recommend trying them on for the best fit. Online reviews can also tell whether they fit true to size or run larger or smaller.


Women’s shoes typically weigh 9-11 ounces, while men’s shoes weigh 11-15 ounces. Lightweight shoes are usually made from synthetic materials or mesh. If a shoe feels lighter, you can move faster and jump higher.

However, the shoe’s flexibility and agility are more important than weight. Shoes such as the Mizuno Wave Momentum and the React Hyperset allow for quick and precise movements, making them ideal for liberos.


The right cushioning can significantly improve your performance. Shoes with great cushioning should be required in the areas such as the forefoot, heel, and midsole for maximum comfort. If you want to purchase the best volleyball shoe, look for ones with foam cushioning. The EVA foam material provides flexibility and softness.


Stability is the key to avoiding rolling your foot or injuring your ankle. Look for shoes that support quick side-to-side movements along with forward and back. Shoes with a wider outsole add lateral stability, and flexible material allows rapid foot movement.


Keeping your feet cool while playing is essential. So you want shoes made of synthetic, thin, and light materials. For example, mesh is a trendy material that keeps volleyball shoes breathable allowing air to move freely.


A good pair of volleyball shoes should last at least one season when a volleyball player practices or plays 4-5 times per week. However, playing volleyball casually should extend the shoes’ lifespan by a year.

It is more expensive to buy higher quality, tougher knits, but they are more durable and stand up to wear and tear during play. Ensure the shoes you buy have leather or synthetic uppers and long-lasting outsoles.


Ankle Support

Volleyball involves a lot of jumping and lateral movements, making ankle support an essential factor. However, the level of support required can vary based on the position. For example, defensive specialists with reasonable body coordination may prefer lighter and more flexible shoes for increased court agility, while hitters and blockers should prioritize ankle support.

Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is essential for outside hitters, middle blockers, and opposites who jump a lot. Shoes that absorb shock effectively are crucial to prevent joint damage from frequent landings. Basketball shoes are often recommended for volleyball players due to their design for handling landing.

Arch Support

Volleyball shoes that provide good support can help reduce the risk of injury and improve comfort. First, make sure your shoes have sturdy arch support. Choosing a supportive arch will improve comfort, balance, and shock absorption.

Design & Style

The appearance of your shoes can impact your confidence on the court. Wearing a new and stylish pair of shoes can make you feel more powerful and explosive, whereas old and worn shoes can have the opposite effect. Choose a shoe that you not only like the way it feels but also the way it looks, as this can positively impact your performance.

Volleyball Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

ASICS, Mizuno, Nike, and Adidas are some of the most common shoe brands volleyball players wear.

Indoor volleyball shoes from these companies come in different styles and features to meet the needs of different players.

Volleyball players choose shoes that are comfortable and provide support that is appropriate for their playing style.

Shoes are essential in volleyball, impacting player performance, comfort, stability, and movements. Choosing a shoe with good grip, cushioning, and flexibility is vital to playing well and avoiding injuries. In addition, it’s important to ensure a good fit and suitability for the playing surface.

To choose the best volleyball shoe consider the following factors: fit, support, cushioning, stability, and traction. Contemplate your playing style, position, and court surface as well. 

Try on different shoes, walk around, and make quick movements to see how they feel and ensure they fit perfectly. With these factors in mind, you should be able to find the best volleyball shoes to suit your needs. 

In addition, consider your budget and read reviews to make an informed decision.

Pickleball shoes are different from volleyball shoes in terms of design and function. Pickleball shoes typically have a more durable and grippy sole to handle quick movements and turn on the court. 

On the other hand, volleyball shoes are designed for jumping and landing support, with a more cushioned sole and higher ankle support to protect players from ankle injuries. However, a volleyball shoe with good grip and support can also be used for pickleball.

Volleyball shoes typically range in price from $50 to $150. The cost often reflects the quality and features of the boots. However, more expensive shoes are optional to have a good time playing volleyball.

It’s possible to clean volleyball shoes if you follow the guidelines specified by the manufacturer. Read this article for more detailed information on maintaining the cleanliness of your volleyball shoes.

Good quality volleyball shoes typically have a life span of around one season of play. However, for more intense competition or extended playing periods, it may be necessary to invest in multiple pairs to get you through the entire season.

To get the right size for a volleyball shoe, it’s important to consider several factors, such as 

  • The length and width of the shoe
  • Whether the toe box has enough room
  • The snugness of the heel.  

It’s essential to try them on, ensure they are comfortable, and provide proper support. You can also measure your foot and compare it to the manufacturer’s sizing chart to ensure the right fit.

Tennis shoes are not ideal for playing volleyball on a hardwood court as their stiffer soles are designed for concrete or clay surfaces. 

In addition, using tennis shoes can make the boots slide too much, especially on dusty volleyball courts, making you slower and less agile. 

The lack of grip also affects your responsiveness, making it challenging to play the game to the best of your abilities.

Check out how tennis shoes are different from volleyball shoes.

Volleyball shoes and running shoes are designed differently as they serve different purposes. For example, volleyball shoes have more stability, support and shock absorption for jumping and quick movements. 

While running shoes are designed to provide cushioning for the impact of the feet hitting the ground. You can use volleyball shoes for running that provide cushioning for the impact of the feet hitting the ground.

You can wear basketball shoes for volleyball. But they have a more rigid sole that can be less flexible and cause discomfort when landing and jumping. So if want to wear basketball shoes for volleyball, you must avoid shoes with too much bounciness, heaviness, thin soles, and weak cushioning. 

Volleyball Shoes, How-Tos & Info


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