How to Wear Volleyball Knee Pads? (Like the Professionals)

How to Wear Volleyball Knee Pads? (Like the Professionals)

Volleyball is a sport that demands players to perform various dynamic movements, including diving, sliding, and quick changes in direction.

Volleyball knee pads are an excellent means to shield your knees from court burns and bruises. It gives you the confidence to dive for bowls and makes you a valuable player. 

However, the correct way to wear knee pads might take time to become apparent, and many newcomers often make positioning mistakes. This article will illuminate the proper method for how to wear volleyball knee pads and explain why players prefer to wear them low.

Wearing volleyball knee pads can significantly reduce the risk of such injuries, but wearing them correctly is crucial for optimal effectiveness and comfort. 

Shall we begin?

The Correct Way How to Wear Volleyball Knee Pads:

Putting on volleyball knee pads is straightforward once you know the correct placement. Follow these steps to wear them properly:

5 Step Method

  1. Start with clean and dry knees. Wipe off any sweat or dirt from your knees before wearing the knee pads.
  2. Identify the top and bottom of the knee pad. The padded side should face the front of your knee, and any straps or openings should be on the backside.
  3. Slide the knee pad up your leg, ensuring it sits below your kneecap, covering the upper shinbone.
  4. Check if the knee pad is centered and feels comfortable. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve a snug fit without discomfort.
  5. Secure the straps or closures around the back of your knee to keep the knee pads in place during play.

Have you ever wondered why volleyball players wear knee pads below their knees?

The primary reason for this placement is that, in most situations where you need to get low or dive, your upper shin (tibia) comes into contact with the court, not your knee.

Note: For proper volleyball knee pad usage, it’s essential to ensure they are positioned just below your knees.

Other Reasons to Wear Knee Pads Low:

By keeping knee pads low, you avoid interference with knee flexion, making walking around more comfortable and ensuring they remain secure during the game.

When it comes to wearing knee pads for volleyball, placement is crucial. Many new players might assume knee pads should cover the entire kneecap, but that’s not true. 

The correct way to wear volleyball knee pads is to position them slightly below your knees, covering the upper part of your shinbone (tibia). 

Check out how Team USA wears knee pads!

How to Wear Volleyball Knee Pads?
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Here you can see how each volleyball player is wearing a knee pad in exactly the way they should wear it.

The area you want to protect the most is the bony part of your upper shin, as it is the part that will come into contact with the court during diving or sliding.

For visual guidance, imagine a line running horizontally across your knee cap, and the knee pad should sit just below that line, protecting your shinbone while leaving the upper half of your knee exposed.

Advisable to not pull them too high up on your knees:

Wearing knee pads too high can expose your shinbone to bruising or burning upon contact with the court, defeating their purpose.

How to Wear Volleyball Knee Pads?
How to Wear Volleyball Knee Pads?

Here is the best example of how low should you wear your knee pads.

Moreover, knee pads lower on your legs allow for more effortless movement. Knee pads sitting just below your knees won’t interfere with knee flexion, making walking and moving around the court more comfortable. 

On the other hand, if knee pads are placed higher up on your knees, they might move around during play and offer less protection to the critical upper shin area.

Should You Wear Volleyball Knee Pads At All?

The decision to wear knee pads is personal, but it adds confidence and protection for most volleyball players.

How Tight Should Volleyball Knee Pads Be?

The proper fit of your volleyball knee pads is also very important for protection and comfort. Knee pads should fit snugly and comfortably, ensuring they stay in place without causing discomfort during the game.

You also have to ensure that it fits comfortably without being too tight and restricting blood flow. The right fit ensures the knee pads won’t slide down or shift around as you move on the court. 

Properly secured knee pads will provide consistent protection and allow you to focus on your game without worrying about readjusting them frequently.

Do You Wear Knee Pads For Sand Volleyball?

No, knee pads are not necessary for seaside volleyball as the sand surface is soft and won’t cause injuries to your knees. So wearing knee pads might hinder your performance and mobility in the sand. 

How to Wear Volleyball Knee Pads?
How to Wear Volleyball Knee Pads?

Here you can see a professional volleyball player playing volleyball without wearing knee pads.

However, if you have a pre-existing knee condition or require additional support, consider using knee braces or protective sleeves. But for sand volleyball, traditional knee pads are not recommended.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, wearing volleyball knee pads is wise for most players as they provide essential protection during intense gameplay. 

Remember to position them correctly, just below your knees, to safeguard your upper shinbone, the most common area for contact with the court. Ensure the knee pads fit snugly but comfortably and do not impede your movements.

Wearing knee pads is a personal choice but they offer psychological confidence and peace of mind for most players.

Look up the benefits of knee pads and enjoy the game to the fullest!

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