what do volleyball players wear

What Do Volleyball Players Wear? A Comprehensive Guide to Volleyball Attire

What Do Volleyball Players Wear? Volleyball is a popular sport played by over 800 million people worldwide. Like any sport, there is special attire and equipment that volleyball players wear for optimal performance and safety during gameplay. The typical clothing worn allows freedom of movement and breathability while providing coverage and protection.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything volleyball players wear – from jerseys and spandex to knee pads and shoes. Whether you play indoor or beach volleyball, are new to the game, or want to ensure you have the right gear, read on for a complete overview of proper volleyball attire.

AttireIndoor VolleyballBeach Volleyball
JerseysSleeveless or short sleeve jerseys with team logo and number’sOptional loose-fitting tank tops, usually without numbers.
ShortsShort spandex shorts or loose athletic shorts.Smaller spandex bottoms or swimwear.
FootwearSpecial non-marking court shoes with gum rubber soles for indoor traction.Barefoot or waterproof beach volleyball shoes with thin outsoles.
SocksCalf-length socks protect feet and allow quick movements.Rarely worn, but sand socks can prevent abrasion in beach play.
Knee PadsMandatory protective knee pads for dives.Optional – some players opt out in beach play.
BracesSome players use ankle braces for added support.Uncommon due to sand surface.
Comparison of Indoor vs. Beach Volleyball Attire

What Do Volleyball Players Wear? What Are The Main Pieces Of Clothing For Volleyball?

what do volleyball players wear
“The Essentials of Indoor Volleyball Wear: Combining Form, Function, and Style”

Volleyball players wear a few key pieces of clothing and protective gear during games and practices. The main items include:

  • Jerseys/Uniforms: Volleyball jerseys are lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying. They come in a variety of colors and styles. Players wear jerseys with their last name and number on the back.
  • Shorts/Spandex: Short spandex shorts or athletic shorts allow free range of motion. Many players also wear spandex leggings or bike shorts underneath.
  • Socks: Volleyball socks protect feet and allow quick lateral movements. Knee-high socks prevent scrapes.
  • Court Shoes: Special volleyball court shoes provide traction and support during play.
  • Knee Pads: Knee pads protect knees when diving for balls. They come in various styles from basic straps to advanced sleeves.
  • Ankle Braces: Some players wear ankle braces for added joint support and stability.
  • Sports Bras: Female players wear sports bras for comfort and support during movement.

What Do Female Volleyball Players Wear?

Women’s volleyball attire emphasizes breathability and comfort during competition. The standard uniform is a jersey, spandex shorts, knee pads, and court shoes. Most female players also wear:

  • Sports Bras – High support, breathable sports bras prevent discomfort during activity. Compression bras limit bouncing and slipping.
  • Spandex/Bike Shorts – Tight-fitting spandex shorts or leggings worn under looser uniform shorts allow freedom of movement while covering the upper legs.
  • Hair Ties – Long hair is tied back in a ponytail or bun to keep it contained. Headbands also prevent hair interference.
  • Ankle Braces – Optional ankle compression sleeves support ankles when making lateral dives.
  • Performance Socks – Mid-calf or knee-high socks protect from floor abrasion. Moisture-wicking socks keep feet dry.

Female players avoid loose clothing and jewelry that could impede play or cause injury. Uniforms are typically form-fitting to allow unrestricted mobility.

What Do Male Volleyball Players Wear?

what do volleyball players wear
The Dynamic World of Volleyball Attire: A Collage of Indoor and Beach Gear”

The male volleyball uniform consists of basic athletic attire:

  • Jersey – Breathable, lightweight jerseys with the player’s name and number on the back. Long or short sleeve.
  • Shorts – Loose mesh athletic shorts or spandex allow free leg movement. At least a 6-inch inseam.
  • Compression Gear – Some male players wear spandex leggings or shorts under uniform shorts for stability and coverage.
  • Court Shoes – Volleyball shoes designed for indoor or beach courts.
  • Knee Pads – Protective knee pads, sleeves or straps guard knees from impact.
  • Performance Socks – Calf-length moisture-wicking socks prevent blisters and irritation.
  • Ankle Braces – Optional ankle compression sleeves provide added joint support.

The typical male volleyball uniform prioritizes comfort and breathability during intense competition and diving plays.

What Do Volleyball Players Wear for Practices?

what do volleyball players wear
Beach Volleyball Chic: Light, Airy, and Ready for the Sand

Volleyball players can wear more casual, comfortable gear to practices versus official games. Typical practice attire includes:

  • T-shirts, tank tops, athletic shorts or sweatpants instead of team jerseys.
  • Court shoes for indoor practices. Can go barefoot for beach practices.
  • Optional knee pads for protection during dives.
  • Hair tied back to prevent interference.
  • Sports bras for women.

Practices focus on skill work rather than formal competition. Relaxed attire allows players to focus on improving technique and fundamentals in a looser setting before game time.

What Footwear Do Volleyball Players Wear?

what do volleyball players wear
“Specialized Volleyball Footwear: From Court Grip to Sand Agility”

Proper volleyball shoes provide traction, support and stability during competition. Key features include:

  • Gum Rubber Soles – Provide exceptional grip on indoor hard courts to enable quick direction changes and jumps.
  • Padded Ankles – Extra ankle padding stabilizes feet when blocking and hitting.
  • Shock Absorption – Cushioned footbeds soften impact from repetitive jumping.
  • Lightweight Materials – Mesh, synthetic leather or knit construction keep shoes breathable and quick-drying.

For indoor volleyball, shoes have a low-profile with a gum rubber sole to stick to the floor. Beach volleyball shoes have a thinner sole with enhanced drainage and sand traction. The best shoes balance traction, protection and mobility.

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Knee Pads?

what do volleyball players wear
“Knee Pads in Action: Cushioning Every Dive and Fall”

Volleyball involves constant explosive jumps, dives and quick lateral movements. High-impact landings can cause knee overextension and injury over time.

Knee pads protect volleyball players’ knees by:

  • Cushioning impact from floor contact
  • Providing compression to stabilize joints
  • Preventing floor “burns” and abrasions
  • Reducing risk of hyperextension injuries
  • Allowing players to dive aggressively without fear of injury

Knee pads come in sleeve, strap and adjustable styles to suit player preference. Wearing quality knee protection allows athletes to play at their best without worrying about knee trauma.

What Should You Look For In Volleyball Attire?

what do volleyball players wear
“The Foundation of Every Volleyball Player: Shoes Engineered for Performance”

When selecting attire and gear for volleyball, prioritize:

  • Breathability – Sweat-wicking, quick-drying materials keep players cool.
  • Comfort – Clothing shouldn’t restrict motion or cause discomfort during play.
  • Durability – Uniforms and shoes must withstand wear from repetitive dives, jumps and falls.
  • Fit – Gear should contour to players’ bodies without slipping, sagging or pinching.
  • Lightweight Construction – Opt for lightweight, high-tech materials that won’t weigh players down.
  • Performance Features – Shoes should offer ample traction and impact absorption. Pads should compress without slipping.
  • Style – Express team spirit and personality with fun colors and prints if permitted.

The right volleyball gear allows athletes to compete at their highest level while minimizing injury risk. Prioritizing fit, function and quality ensures optimal performance.

What Should Not Be Worn During Volleyball Games?

To maintain safety and play efficiency, avoid wearing the following during volleyball competition:

  • Jewelry – Bracelets, watches, rings and other jewelry could injure players or get caught in nets. Most leagues prohibit jewelry.
  • Long Loose Hair – Ponytail or tie back long hair to prevent interference and visibility issues.
  • Baggy Clothing – Overly loose jerseys, shorts or socks can impede natural athletic movements.
  • Hard Hair Accessories – Metal, plastic or hard hair clips could harm players on contact. Opt for soft ties and headbands.
  • Street Shoes – Only non-marking volleyball court shoes should be worn for indoor play to avoid slipping.
  • Bulky Knee Wraps – Rigid knee braces with metal hinges are prohibited for safety reasons. Opt for soft compression pads.

Refrain from accessories or attire that could pose safety risks or hinder performance during intense competition.

Key Takeaways: Gear Every Volleyball Player Needs

The essential volleyball attire checklist includes:

  • Breathable, custom jersey with number
  • Lightweight shorts, leggings or spandex bottoms
  • High-performance indoor court shoes
  • Cushioned knee pads for protection
  • Moisture-wicking athletic socks
  • Sports bras for women
  • Elastic hair ties for long hair

Dressing in proper volleyball gear optimizes comfort, performance, and safety. Don’t take the court without the basic necessities!

Volleyball players wear specialized attire to allow free movement and minimize injury during competition. Moisture-wicking, breathable uniforms and quality shoes, pads and braces comprise standard volleyball gear. While clothing requirements vary between leagues, most mandate knee pads and prohibit jewelry for safety. With the proper footwear and apparel, players can confidently bump, set, spike without restrictions or fear of harm.

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