When Does Volleyball Season End?

When Does Volleyball Season End? A Look at When Volleyball Season Starts and Ends at All Levels?

When Does Volleyball Season End? Volleyball is a popular sport played in high schools, colleges, clubs, and professional leagues around the world. While fans look forward to the start of the volleyball season each year, they may be wondering – when exactly does the volleyball season end? The timing of the end of the volleyball season can vary quite a bit depending on factors like the level of play, region, and type of volleyball. Read on for a detailed look at when you can expect the volleyball season to wrap up at schools, clubs, beach tournaments and pro leagues worldwide.

When Does Volleyball Season End?

Volleyball season typically starts in late summer or early fall, coinciding with the beginning of the academic school year for many colleges and high schools. The end of the season varies depending on factors such as the level of play, tournament schedules, and postseason competitions. Generally, high school volleyball seasons may end in the late fall or early winter, while college volleyball seasons often conclude in the late fall or early spring, depending on postseason playoffs and championships.

When Does High School Volleyball Season End?

For most high schools across the United States, the girls’ and boys’ volleyball season in high school is considered a fall sport. This means Volleyball typically starts in August or September and runs through the season lasts for approximately three Months. The end date for high school volleyball season varies slightly by state and school district, but generally lands somewhere in October or November.

DALL·E 2024 02 09 07.43.42 A high school volleyball match with two teams intensely competing. The gym is filled with cheering fans showcasing the energy and teamwork of young a
High School Volleyball Match in Full Swing

Many high school play volleyball at state championship tournaments which take place in end of October or early November each year. For example, the 2022 Pennsylvania AAA girls volleyball state championships were held on November 12, while the Ohio high school volleyball tournament concluded November 5. Since most states aim to crown volleyball state champions before November, regular season matches usually end in late October.

Some exceptions exist – a small number of states play high school volleyball in the early winter or spring instead of fall. But for traditional fall seasons, high school volleyball ends around the last weekend of October through the first couple weeks of November at the latest. Teams may continue into December if they qualify for regional or national high school tournaments.

The total duration of the high school volleyball season is around 2-3 months. Preseason practices begin a few weeks before the start of regular season play which lasts 6-8 weeks, followed by 1-2 weeks of playoffs to determine state champions. So most high school volleyball seasons run from late summer or early fall and end sometime in October or November.

When Does Middle School Volleyball Season Ends?

  • Middle school volleyball is typically starts with the high school season as a fall sport. This means the middle school volleyball season typically ends around the same time as the high school season.
  • Most middle school volleyball seasons conclude sometime in October or early November. State or regional championships may take place in late October.
  • The season generally lasts around 6-8 weeks. Tryouts and practices start a few weeks before the first games in September. Regular season matches run through October.
  • Some middle schools may compete in club volleyball tournaments that can continue into November and December after the school season finishes.
  • A small number of middle schools offer volleyball as a winter or spring sport instead of during the traditional fall season. For these, the season would end in February or May accordingly.
  • The level of competition at middle schools is sometimes recreational or intermediate, compared to more advanced high school varsity volleyball. Seasons may be slightly shorter.
  • Travel/club teams provide year-round volleyball for middle school athletes after the school season ends. These club seasons finish up around May/June.

So in summary, the majority of middle school volleyball seasons mirror the high school season and finish up sometime in October or early November after 6-8 weeks of play during the fall.

When Does the College Volleyball Season Conclude?

At the college level, the volleyball season usually Begins with the fall academic sports season in November and December. However, college volleyball playoffs extend further than high school into the early winter months.

For most NCAA Division I, II, and III women’s volleyball, the regular season wraps up in late November with conference championship tournaments. The NCAA volleyball tournament then continues through December, concluding with the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship national title match in mid-December.

Some college volleyball teams may also compete in secondary postseason tournaments like the NIVC or CCVB that can last until late December. On the men’s side, major college conferences hold conference championships in early April, followed by the NCAA Men’s National Collegiate Volleyball Championship tournament in May.

So while the bulk of regular season college volleyball takes place in August through November, postseason play can continue through December for women and May for men if teams qualify. December marks the end of college volleyball season for most programs, with only nationally competitive teams still playing into the winter months.

When Does Volleyball Season End
Climax of the College Volleyball Season

When Does Club Volleyball Season Finish?

For competitive club volleyball teams, the season does not align with the school year and instead consists of multiple shorter seasons throughout the calendar year. 

The biggest national club tournaments like USA Volleyball Junior Nationals, AAU Junior Nationals, and JVA World Challenge take place in June and July. Teams that qualify will compete at these events in the summer before taking a break in August.

When Does Volleyball Season End
Celebrating a Victory at a National Tournament

The actual end dates for specific club teams can vary depending on their tournament schedule and qualifications. Some clubs may only run a few short seasons, while elite travel programs could play nearly year-round. But most clubs wrap up their season either shortly after the last big tournament they attend or at least by early August once high school and college volleyball start up again.

When Do the Professional Volleyball Season and International Volleyball Season Tournament End?

For professional indoor volleyball leagues around the world, the season typically ends sometime between April and May. Most pro volleyball leagues start up in October and run for 6-7 months through the fall and winter, concluding in spring.

Some examples of professional volleyball season ending months:

  • Italian Lega Volley Serie A1 – April/May
  • Turkish Volleyball League – April
  • Brazil Superliga – April
  • Russia Super League – End of April
  • Indonesia Liga Voli – May

International volleyball tournaments like the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship are usually held in September and October as well.

The main exception is professional beach volleyball, which runs on a more flexible schedule based on weather and access to outdoor courts. The AVP domestic tour wraps up its season in October. But the international FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour calendar has tournaments taking place almost every month, with the last events of the season happening in December.

So indoor professional volleyball typically ends in April or May, while beach volleyball can run most of the year thanks to its ability to play outdoors year-round in warmer regions.

When Does Beach Volleyball Season Ends?

When Does Volleyball Season End
Scenes of professional indoor and beach volleyball

Beach volleyball season typically Played during the warmer months of the year, aligning with spring and summer seasons in many regions. The exact timing of beach volleyball season can vary depending on factors such as location, climate, and tournament schedules. In coastal areas and regions with temperate climates, beach volleyball season often kicks off in the spring as temperatures rise and daylight hours increase, continuing through the summer months.

When Volleyball Club Season Ends?

The major club volleyball seasons end around these months Depending on there club:

  • Fall season – November/December
  • Winter season – February/March
  • Spring season – May/June
  • Summer season – July

What Season Does Volleyball End?

Volleyball is primarily played in the fall academic sports season, so most volleyball seasons end in the late fall months:

  • High school volleyball ends October-November
  • College volleyball ends November-December
  • Indoor professional volleyball ends April-May

Exceptions are beach volleyball which has no offseason, and club volleyball which runs year-round. But the standard volleyball season ends in late fall for high school and college, and spring for professional leagues.

Key Takeaways When Volleyball Seasons Conclude

  • High school volleyball ends in October or November, with some state playoffs extending into December.
  • College volleyball ends in November or December, with NCAA Championships through December and player redshirt rules allowing practice into the spring.
  • Club volleyball team seasons end around May/June or July depending on tournaments qualified for.
  • Professional indoor volleyball leagues typically end in April or May.
  • Beach volleyball tournaments run all year with no defined offseason.
  • Fall and spring are the main volleyball seasons, though beach, club, and some school teams play year-round.

The finish of volleyball season varies based on level, region, and type of volleyball. But late fall through early spring is the most common timeframe for the season wrap up. High school, college, professional, club, and beach volleyball all have different end points – but hopefully fans can catch all the exciting action before each season concludes!

Most high school volleyball seasons end in October or November. State championship tournaments typically take place in late October through early November before winter sports begin.

College volleyball can run through mid-December with the NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship finals. Some schools may also compete in secondary tournaments into late December.

No, club volleyball teams play year-round. Major club seasons end around May/June and July after big national tournaments like USA Volleyball Junior Nationals.

Most professional indoor volleyball leagues end their seasons sometime between April and May after a start in October. Beach volleyball tours run later into the year.

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