when is volleyball season in california

When is Volleyball Season In California? Comprehensive Guide Of California’s Courts Light Up University of California Athletics Schedule & Triumphs Explored

When is Volleyball Season In California? Volleyball is a hugely popular sport in California, with thousands of players across high school, college, club, and recreational leagues. As summer winds down, players are eagerly anticipating the start of the 2024 volleyball season. So when exactly does the volleyball season begin in California? Read on for key dates and information about volleyball in California for 2023!

When is Volleyball Season In California? Volleyball Schedule 2024

when is volleyball season in california

Volleyball brings excitement, community, and fun to players and fans across the state. As one of California’s most beloved sports, the volleyball season is an event not to be missed. Here are some great reasons to follow volleyball in California this year:

  • Top notch college volleyball with NCAA powerhouses like UCLA, USC, Stanford, and more.
  • High school volleyball featuring future college and national team stars.
  • Beach volleyball tournaments up and down the California coast.
  • Opportunities for recreational and club players to take the court and improve their skills.
  • A community atmosphere as teammates bond and fans cheer on their local teams.

Whether you’re a diehard fan or new to the sport, the 2024 volleyball season offers something for everyone.

EventDate Range
High School Regular SeasonSeptember – October
High School PlayoffsNovember
High School State TournamentLate November
NCAA College SeasonAugust – December
NCAA ChampionshipsDecember
Volleyball Schedule 2024

Key Volleyball Dates for 2024 in California

The exact volleyball season dates can vary depending on the league and level of play. However, here is an overview of some of the key events on the calendar for California volleyball this year:

  • August – Practices begin for most high school teams across the state. College teams may also start preseason practices and training camps.
  • September – High school and college regular seasons get underway. High profile events like the USC Tournament take place.
  • October – College volleyball is in full swing. High school league play continues. Beach volleyball tournaments occur statewide.
  • November – High school playoffs begin, culminating in the CIF State Championships. NCAA tournaments loom for college teams.
  • December – NCAA volleyball tournament wraps up with the National Championship match. High school season concludes.

While these provide a general overview, exact start dates and schedules will vary for specific teams, leagues, and tournaments.Checking in with local schools and volleyball organizations is the best way to confirm 2024 season details.

High School Volleyball Season Information

High school volleyball is hugely popular across California, with championship dreams and college scholarships on the line. Here’s what you need to know about the prep volleyball season:

  • Regular Season – League play runs from September through October. Schools play 1-2 matches per week.
  • Playoffs – CIF section playoffs take place in November, with state tournament in late November.
  • Key Events – Tournaments like Durango Fall Classic and Nike TOC attract top teams.
  • Divisions – Schools are organized into playoff divisions based on size and competitiveness.

Major high school volleyball powers to watch include Marymount, Mira Costa, Torrey Pines, Archbishop Mitty, and Redondo Union. The 2024 season will feature elite recruits like 6’3” OH Devon Jackson from Granada Hills and 6’6” MB Julia Blyashov from Marymount.

College Volleyball Takes Center Stage

when is volleyball season in california

California colleges boast some of the top volleyball programs in the NCAA. Don’t miss out on the action this season:

  • NCAA Season – Runs from August to December with a national championship tournament.
  • Key Events – Preseason tournaments like UCLA/USC Challenge get things started.
  • Conference Play – PAC-12 is loaded with CA teams like Stanford, USC, UCLA and more.
  • Title Contenders – UCLA, USC, and Stanford all have shots at the 2023 NCAA title.

Some of the best players and teams in the nation will battle it out on California courts this season. Prep volleyball stars often stay close to home to join top college programs in the state.

Club, Beach, and Recreational Leagues Championship

Beyond high school and college volleyball, California offers many ways for recreational players to get involved:

  • Club Volleyball – Year-round clubs for youth, high school, and adults. Great for extra training.
  • Beach Volleyball – Pickup games and tournaments happen statewide all year.
  • Grass Leagues – Casual outdoor grass leagues are popular in the summer.
  • Gym Leagues – Indoor gym leagues provide year-round competitive play.

Whether you want to improve your skills, stay active, or just have fun playing volleyball, California has many options to choose from.

How to Follow the Action

Don’t miss out on any of the exciting 2024 California volleyball action:

  • Check school athletic department and volleyball club websites for schedules and rosters.
  • Attend games to support local teams and see future stars.
  • Follow on social media for updates, highlights, and more.
  • Watch the PAC-12 Network and other channels for NCAA volleyball.
  • Listen to volleyball podcasts and reading blogs to stay on top of the season.

From high school gymnasiums to legendary college arenas like the Stanford Maples Pavilion, California volleyball offers excitement all season long. Get out and enjoy all the action!

California Volleyball is Elite in 2023-24

when is volleyball season in california

California continues to set the standard nationally for excellence in volleyball at all levels. The 2024 season promises another year of top tier action, star players, motivated teams, and passionate fans.

Whether you are a casual observer or diehard volleyball lover, make sure to get your fill this season. Check the schedule for your local high school or college team and go out and support California volleyball!

Key Points

  • High school volleyball season runs September to November with playoffs in November.
  • College volleyball season goes from August through December with the NCAA tournament finals.
  • Major college programs like UCLA, USC, Stanford are title contenders in 2024.
  • High profile prep tournaments like Durango Fall Classic take place during season.
  • High school teams compete within playoff divisions based on school size and competitiveness.
  • Club, beach, and recreational volleyball available year-round.
  • Best ways to follow action are through school websites, social media, attending games, and watching on TV.
  • California continues to produce elite volleyball at all levels – 2024 is shaping up to be another top notch season.

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